Program History


The first ever meeting of the organization, then called the West Coast Allergy Society, was held in December 1961, in San Francisco, CA. In the 60’s, state-of-the-art topics such as “Immune Tolerance in the Human” and “Food Sensitivities in the Infant” were reflective of the time. World authorities in the 1970’s spoke on topics such as “The Effectiveness of a New Oral and Injectable Bronchodialator – Tebutaline” and “Pulmonary Function Studies in Clinical Office Practice”. The 1980’s and 1990’s continued to provide the WSAAI membership with compelling topics including a lecture in 1992 on B-Agonist as primary or rescue therapy for asthma as was introduced by Drs. Sears and McFadden and followed by an open forum with the audience. The 2000’s continue to shepherd in educational programs that allow the practicing physician to apply their learning in practice and improve their ability to effective treat and manage their patients.